Thursday, November 30, 2006

Excitement Is In The Air

tiptoe-ing optional
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Last night I found out that my Mac laptop has so many programs and features that I have not been aware of. One of those newfound features is the iMovie HD. So fun.....I'm already working on a project for the wedding...but that's secret for now!

So I will be going home this weekend. Mom and I will be doing cake tasting for the wedding as well as searching for a reasonable florist (I realize that's an oxymoron).

Not only will we be doing fun wedding stuff, but we will also be making holiday goodies. One of my earliest memories is that of mom, dad, Matthew and I making 'Reesie Balls,' Rice Crispy Treats, Divinity and more. I am SO looking forward to doing that for some gifts to send this Christmas. It's not just going to be mom and I making treats and candies...but Grandama, Aunt Donna and Dana are going to join us. So fun!

The picture is courtesy of Myla of my favorite Flickr good...and she puts quotes on most of her pictures, which me being a quote kind of gal, makes me like her stuff that much more!


dorian said...

Hey! One request? For us "older" eyes, could you make the font larger and or darker, please? Sorry, I just cant see it :-)


Deb said...

Love the picture especially with the weather they are predicting for us. So bright & cheery!

Nancy suggested for me to start up a new blog and maybe I can do pics again. Would that work, do you think?

B-rock said...

you are just now getting around to imovie? come on candice, that program in conjunction with idvd is the bomb! so simple to figure out, it should be a breeze for ya

me said...

hey girl,

i'm so excited to hear about all of your much fun ahead!!!

hope to see you soon,
andrea :)

Brett said...

love your new blog...just another evidence to all of the wonderful "new" things God is doing in your life! i'm so excited for you!

Reba said...

What a great new blog! Good choice!

Have fun with all the wedding preparations...we're counting down the days, too :)

Candice said...

reba- thanks so much!

brett-thank you, we are SO excited too!

giachetti- thank you lady, i so miss talking to you...we should do dinner sometime REALLY soon...sound good?

brock....i know i know... looks like your blog is working for pix glad!

dorian-i don't have the option of making the font darker...but if i did...i would change it for you....maybe if you copy and paste it into a word document...and change the color to black...that might help...but that's an awful lot of work too.... :)

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