Friday, December 29, 2006


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So it's been over a year since my pale skin has seen the sun's glorious rays upon it.'s that time again. Why? Well, it's called a beautiful white wedding gown. I know that it's not necessary to bronze...but this is what happens when Candice tried having Aveda Salon to tan her with the sunless I'm going old-fashioned for 3 months....85 days away. YAY!

I included the remind myself of what I can look like with a friends Heidi and Nick Charalambous are in the pic with me.

So. Now that I talked about something very important, what is there left to say? Naw...just kidding. Can you believe it's almost 2007? I remember just 7 short years ago when the world was fearing the worst with the millineum...and here we are at 2007. It's wild isn't it? I mean, the things that we worry over and have no control over...but they can still grip us with fear at times. It reminds me of several times in my life when I allowed things beyond my control to worry me. Why? What does it all come down to? Trust. Do I trust the that the Lord holds me in the palm of his hand. He knows my time, he knows my path, he knows me and he has me in his hand.

Random thoughts.


Deb said...

Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom. Besides our names we have the same birthday month, too. :-)

Keep those random thoughts coming. It gets me to thinking and at my age, I need to keep the brain twirling.


B-rock said...

oh those happy tanning days.

Candice said...

Thanks Deb!

Oh...Brock...I remember those days of our tanning competitions...but now you live in it's no competition....

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