Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

Warped Christmas Reflection
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Christmas is almost here...can you believe it?!? I just can't believe how quickly time goes by...and slowly it can go by. It feels like an eternity when waiting for time to get closer to my visits with Daniel. Thankfully March is not that far away....and we won't have to ever do the long-distance thing again!

I think about how long Jesus has waited to be with his 'bride' since his last coming. I bet it feels like an eternity to him as well. I am sure that he is awaiting His Father's voice on when he will return. That way, we won't ever have to do the long-distance thing with him, ever again.

What a promise!


Brett said...

i can definitely relate more since doing the long distance thing myself. i had never related it to Jesus really puts things into perspective!!

danlanning said...

the long-distance waiting is hard, but we've done great so far! and every day the waiting get shorter!

Deb said...

The long-distance waiting is well worth it!

Candice said...

yeah...brett...i'm a genious...hehehehe...i hope you are great! i miss having you and Jes on staff with about you two move to Charlotte and work for me..k?

Daniel--one more week...till i see your sweet face! I love you!

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