Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today, tomorrow and forever...

I am SO glad it's Thursday. You know what that means... Daniel is coming in town today. I can't WAIT to see him. Thankfully we have 99 more days till we get married.

Speaking of getting married....Daniel and I will be going to Niffer & Jared's wedding this weekend. I was honored to be asked to be a bridesmaid. YAY! We also get to stay with our friends Sara , Jared & Noah. Good times will be had by all....and if that wasn't enough already...Lanna is taking our engagement pictures tomorrow morning!

Speaking of pictures....we were so blessed to have Me Wha agree to do our pictures. She and her husband do photojournalistic styles...and Daniel and I are SO excited about having them come and do our wedding day.

Speaking of the wedding day...I know tons of people have been asking. We are going to do a small, intimate family wedding in my hometown. We will be getting married on March 24. We thought about doing a big one...but you know how out of control that gets...the numbers are outrageous...and besides...we really wanted a small one. His parents will be having a reception in Michigan for us in April as well...for their friends and family who are unable to make it to Georgia. Daniel's parents pastor a church up in Michigan...and it will be really special for them to be a part of our celebration as well.

Okay. Enough. I must get back to work. Did I mention that I have the best man alive? Oh..okay....well, I do.


danlanning said...

you are just too kind, love! only a few more hours!!!

Nancy said...

You are FINALLY under 100 days! Have a great weekend the wedding too!
Love you!

stunningman said...

VERY cool about Me Wha. SO much better than the same old traditional wedding pics!!

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