Monday, January 29, 2007

Marriage License, Visiting and more...

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This weekend has been a blur! Daniel flew in on Thursday...We visited Augusta on Friday & Saturday...then Columbia on Saturday and Sunday...and then Daniel flew back early this! Lots of stuff accomplished...and of course, we have pix to prove it.

To see the pix, click on a set below:
Marriage License
Ella Joy (updated)
My brother selling his 2005 Accord (Also see post below)


danlanning said...

what a great--but way too fast---weekend....i love you, candice!

Deb said...

You guys aren't excited or anything, are ya? Ha-Ha!

Thanks for sharing your journey! Way to fun and brings back a lot of memories!

Love the picture! Soooo cute!

Mandy said...

too cute!

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