Monday, January 15, 2007

Pictures Pictures Pictures

As I mentioned in my last post, Joel and Lisa, gave birth to Elizabeth Joy. They will be calling her Ella Joy. How cute is that?!?! Mom and I were able to go and visit this bundle of joy in Columbia on Sunday afternoon...and there I took some pix of this 2-day old angel. Want to see more pix? Go here.

During the weekend I was also able to get some of our Engagement Pix (the mail made our pix Lanna sent us a ton over e-mail and more are coming in the mail!! I feel like we are pictures in a magazine...Lanna did an amazing job. Want to see some of those pix? Go here.

This weekend was non-stop. Dad helped my brother move out of his house and Mom helped me with wedding stuff. We accomplished SO much. I would like to thank you two for EVERYTHING! I know it wasn't a restful weekend for them...but they were SO gracious with sharing their time!

Random Side Note
Staci sent me this link. It's about Paula Abdul, bless her heart.


Nika said...

The engagement pics are STUNNING....All I can is WOW! Lanna captured you two and the love you share so well.

Miss Ella is truly a beauty....what a precious gift for the Van Hemmes to kick off 2007...great pics and congrats to the new parents....

Glad that you had a good weekend that was fruitful and productive. It is a blessing when you have parents that will graciously step in to help when needed....also nice to see your wedding plans coming is now only a matter of time before you will be a Mrs.

Be always have a great week!


saraec1122 said...

woo! those pictures are steamy. the ones of you and daniel, that is, not the baby. Those are adorable. Nice job both of you.

Liz said...

wow! those pics are awesome! lanna is doing mine and Paul's also...i can't wait! did you survive bed bath and beyond registry??? whew!

Candice said...

thanks sara!

liz-yeah...bed bath and beyond can be SO SO overwhelming...the key is to make a list of must haves before you go...and the wants....and just go up and down EVERY aisle...hehe...good luck!

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