Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Water Falls

Water Falls
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So I've started drinking water everyday. Not just a little...but a lot...about 48 ounces to be exact. Why? It's called...the wedding dress must fit...but the holidays are trying to keep it from happening.

So....I dream about water...drink water....despise water....and I'm learning to love the water. I know that it helps me, but I only want what doses that I want, when I want it. So I'm complaining...but I thought it might help. :)

Daniel comes tomorrow. YAY.


AnnaG said...

I am the same way with water. But I found Fiji is a lot easier to drink for some reason. It's also a lot more expensive. But it is delicious!

Brian Rhodes said...

I just got through looking at your pics from your Christmas gathering......I've always heard you can tell what a woman will look like when they're older by looking at their mother and and Daniel have something to look forward to:) Your mother and grandmother are beautiful!

Candice said...

fiji...hmmm...i'll check and see if Aldi sells it :). thanks lady.

Brian-awww. thanks. i'll have to tell mom...she'll thank you for it!

danlanning said...

i'll drink lots of water with you this weekend!

Candice said...

awww...thanks my love!

saraec1122 said...

Added weight loss bonus of drinking that much water in a day-you burn calories running to the bathroom every 10 minutes :-)

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