Friday, January 19, 2007

Yes, I got one!

Splurge, Closeup
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Daniel (who has the day off today) called me this morning and had told me that Lowe's was selling 5-quart Kitchen Aid Mixers for $99 (with a 20 dollar rebate) making the grand total $79! They were only selling the fire engine red ones for that price. They are regularly $300 plus tax. I have one on my registry....and Daniel said that the Lowe's in Grand Rapids had sold he called the Lowe's in Holland and had them hold the LAST one for him. He went and picked it up and surprised me with the news on the phone...right after!! What a wonderful gift for us...!!!! I had no idea!

So...if you are interested in a $79 mixer...go to Lowe's. They may even have some of the other colors on sale (white and black are excluded from the sale). Daniel is so thoughtful!


danlanning said...

yay for Lowes....and for clearance!

Candice said...

...and yay for YOU! i love you daniel

Sara said...

You know you've hit true soon-to-be married "coupledom" when you are thrilled to have a new appliance.

By the way I have one of these and it's great!

Angela said...

I am jealous!!!!!!

Rachel said...

I have that same mixer! The lady who lived in our apartment before us gave me hers! But I rarely use it...I'm not sure why, but i stick to my handheld mixer most of the time. I should use it more often, though! It's so powerful!!!

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