Monday, February 05, 2007

Mark & Denise

Mark & Denise
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This weekend has BLOWN by just as fast as it has gotten here. This weekend I took engagement pix for my friend Denise and her fiance, Mark. They were such a FUN couple to photograph. I guess you would call this my first official engagement assignment. I will be doing her bridal and wedding pix. What an honor!

I have a TON of pix to go through and edit...but I will upload a few here and wet your tastebuds a bit!

Not only did we take pix (Freedom Park, Lake Norman, Dillworth), I was able to drive down to Augusta to pick up some furniture from my Grandmother for my sitting room in the Master Bedroom Suite. I can't wait to paint it black as well!'s nice to be at work...because I feel like I get a break from it all. I'm actually taking an early lunch to get my taxes taken care of today...let's pray for LOTS-OF-RETURNS.

Hang on tight...more pix of Denise and Mark will come soon!


Nika said...

Excellent shot...looking forward to seeing the rest of the series. Hope that your tax visit was a good and that you did get a ton of returns....hopefully mine will get done soon once my mom gets the "green light" from her boss to do them (she works at a local H&R block in town).

Have a great week!

Brian Rhodes said...

Thanks for a reason to update. It's random but I update :) How's the wedding plans coming along?

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