Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wedding Shower

Wedding Shower Corsage
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This weekend I had my first wedding shower. Daniel and I were blessed to have so many people to give us nice things. I am overwhelmed at the generosity of others. I also appreciate my mom, aunt Donna & gmama for doing SO much to make it happen. There are a TON of pix to see. My mom took most of them...I took the first few before the crowd arrived. Clickhere to see more pix.

25 more days to go!

p.s. Liz ...this is the fun part!


Nancy said...

What beautiful pictures, and what a wonderful shower! Wish we could have all been there with you! I love those pictures of Brock too!

Nika said...

What a great shower (I see that you got the IHome...you and Daniel will have fun with it...as I said in a previous comment-it's great
:-)) and wonderful pictures!

Hope that you're having a great week!

(Sidenote: Check out Itunes-the new Elliot Yamin song 'Movin On' is on there for download...I recall that you mentioned that you were an Elliot fan and you came to mind-Enjoy!)

Candice said...

Nancy-thanks!! wish you could have been there too!

Nika-Got it! Thanks for thinkin' of me...I guess I better get the word out...I'll blog about it :)

Liz said...

i can't wait! our first shower is March 17th. i guess it will make all of that registering worth it! :)

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