Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Adventures in Marriage....

Saturday will be 2 weeks for Daniel and I ....and we just can't believe how quickly time has passed by! It's like, 2 weeks before the wedding you are running in slow motion...and lose track of time.

Last night Daniel and I continued our decorating of the house. It's turning out quite nicely. Pix to come soon! We also have fabulous news--we found out just before the wedding that we were going to be an Aunt and Uncle to his sister, Rachel & Matt's baby. Want the story (they adopted...its just beautiful)? Go here for part one and here for part two, three & four.

Well....we are looking forward to tonight...we have friends & family from Columbia coming up to have dinner at one of our favorite spots, Red Robin, tonight.

One of the reason's my husband is so here.

Also...congrats to Jeff & Amy brink...who are expecting a bundle of joy on October 31. (Jeff is one of Daniel's best friends...)

ADDITION TO BLOG AT 10:18 am...I just read this post...that I got from LB's it. Powerful.


Brett said...

thanks for your comment...i can't wait either!!...sounds like life is good! Congrats on being an Aunt again...i get to be an Uncle in a few months!

mreddie said...

I usually read your blog but don't comment a lot - you might have noticed that. I do agree that we should be married to our best friend. ec

Rachel said...

Hello, Aunt Candice and Uncle Daniel! :) Thanks for all your comments! We are so thrilled to be parents...and can't WAIT for you to meet Micah!!!

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