Monday, April 30, 2007


This weekend I was able to photograph my friend Denise. She is hands down one of the most naturally beautiful people that I've ever photographed (and if you were to do a photoshoot with would say the same...) We were able to take her bridal portraits in a field of the most lovely yellow wildflowers...ahh......her photos don't even need editing. Just lovely. You want to see them? Too will have to wait until after I shoot her wedding May 19. There are just too many of her Charlotte friends that read this and would spread the word....besides, don't you want your breath taken?

...In other news...Daniel and I stay busy making home improvements/renovations. It's just so fun to make our house, our home. We cleaned up our backyard REALLY nicely...cutting down old tree limbs , cleaning up the area wild vines and stuff on the fence (our house backs up to a cemetary)...and reseeding some areas to grow grass. It looks so nice. Our grass in the front yard showed up on Saturday...we are SO thrilled.... We also painted our upstairs bathroom....PERFECTION. My husband and I are a fantastic team. I have to send a huge congrats to my brother Matthew. He bought a hud home...and him & my parents are rocking out on fixing that thing...we'll join them this coming weekend. I also get a family b-day party ...wings, potatoe salad, mac-n-cheese, ice cream (ALL homemade..thanks to mom, gmama, uncle mike...) Pix to come... that you've been thoroughly entertained from hearing about our should go and hear my pastor, from Elevation Church, Steven Furtick's message from Sunday. If you don't want to be challenged...don't go. Click here. more photography blog/ in the works...thanks to Ken, from AVCLUB. ME=EXCITED.


Terence said...

I never knew you were a big time photographer. Now I know who to go to when I need tips on picking out a (non-digital) camera.

Lee said...

Hey girl! Excited about all that is going on with you! Tell D I said hello!

Candice said...

Terence! Hey seems like forever since those Clemson Ambassador days! I would be happy to help you with cameras....but I actually onlly use digital (Nikon d50 slr....but I'm looking to get the Nikon d80 REALLY soon)... and I'm no expert....I just love doing int. How are you these days? Have you graduated? Update me!

Thanks Lee--I'll tell him. Hope you are well too....take it easy.

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