Monday, April 23, 2007


Before bushes 4
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...Daniel and I worked all weekend on our yard. Yes, this is what this birthday girl wanted to do for the weekend! We planted a new flower bed in the front, after pulling up some thorny bushes....and we replanted them next to the house in the backyard...

We also paved a wasted space in the back....redid the landscape around our tree, got rid of weeds...and reseeded our lawn. Would you like to see a few before and after pix? I thought you'd say that...just remember, our grass won't be green until you'll have to wait to see pix of green grass. Click here.

One more thing...want to see pix of Waltrip Raceworld....? It's where my husband here.

p.s. a couple birthday pix added to yesterday's post...see below.

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Deb said...

Hey, looks good! Thanks for some lawn remodeling tips.

Love the pixs of Daniel at work.

Got my new camera!!! May have to start up a blog again. It'll be great for scrapbooking, too! Thanks for all of your help on my new purchase.

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