Thursday, April 26, 2007


Last night Daniel & I got to entertain our first couple....for dinner at our house. It was so fun for Daniel to grill...and for me to prepare the sides and all. What a great time it was....we even made a homemade strawberry sorbet...SO GOOD. Here are just a few pix of our exploits... will notice that I used the apron made by my good friend Sara for our wedding (so cool). We also used the cool zen looking plate for our chicken, also from Sara & Jared. So fun to entertain!

oh..we just bought our tickets yesterday to go to Taiwan during the Moon Festival (Sept). We will get to see our new nephew Micah....and of course his parents...Rach & Matt. Taiwan Tickets=MUCHO excitement. We just love to travel and we are so blessed that God has provided us with so many opportunities to do so.


Jared and Sara said...

The apron looks awesome on you :-) So glad you are using it!

danlanning said...

you're like the best cook i know.... :)

Brett said...

ya'll look so happy! i can't wait to entertain as a married person!

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