Thursday, May 24, 2007

2 Months. :)

It's been two months's hard to believe that it's not longer. (oh...we've now been married 2 months today). Daniel loves countdowns...I hadn't even really thought about it...till we woke up this morning and Daniel with a big smile on his face says..."Happy Two Months!!!" and reads a sweet poem he wrote for this day. Yeah. I got the best man out there. By far. celebrate...he got us tickets to go see Pirates of the Carribean 3 (the first showing of it...for tonight :). What a good man I've got.

(We're saps. We know it. We're okay with should try it with your spouse. Its fun.)

Anywho...this weekend, like the last, is going to be another doozy. Daniel and I are photographing Adam & Beth's wedding....then doing an engagement shoot on Sunday. Whew. My eyes are so tired from editing the 1500 pix from Denise & Mark's wedding on Saturday (but I'm not complaining :) God has provided us with some amazing opportunities....

On a serious note....I was just thinking. I visit a lot of blogs, a lot from people I know...and a few of people I do not know. There are some blogs that are an amazing encouragement, that I look forward to reading every day...then their are those that seem to have a gloom and doom attitude quite rarely hear something positive about the world, and often hear the negative about their dislikes. Ahhh....I am sure that I've been guilty of it in the past....but let me encourage you...may all of your words edify and lift up--if they aren't doing so--then they are a clanking cymbal (AKA: annoying noise)
James 3:5-7
James 1:26
James 3:8
1 Peter 3:10


bright*blur said...

Hello. I was wondering how much you charge to do engagement and wedding photography in Charlotte.


~ Kristen

Deb said...

Nothing wrong with being "saps". That's what kept Mr. L. & I going for 35 years as of June 3rd. :-)

I just visited a dear friend of mine yesterday. She is 93 today and what an inspiration she is. These doom & gloom's need to spend just an hour with her. :-) She is a treasure!

Since I don't have a blog at the moment, can I use your's to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! (thanks)

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