Thursday, May 31, 2007

Joey & Stefanie...and some other stuff!

Joey & Stefanie
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This past Sunday, Daniel and I did an engagement photoshoot at Freedom Park. The couple was from Columbia and were just so darling! Click on the picture to see more from the set. You should be proud of me...I only posted 5 of the many pictures taken.

I have the most wonderful husband....he made me dinner last night AND cleaned it up. Thanks are the best man I know...

Speaking of the best man I know, Daniel got his NC drivers license today! He passed the test...and now it's official...way to go!

Hmmm. You know...God has just been showering me with grace and blessings today...and I am so overwhelmed....Thanks God for doing more than I deserve--you are amazing (word doesn't seem like describe the master of the universe, but you get my grip).

One more is the dedication of Billy Graham's Library here in Charlotte. Three former presidents and the current George W. will be in attendance. Everything is either shut off or blocked... Daniel and I were watching a show on him yesterday...and it really is amazing how humble he is...and how God used him....I think one fact that stood out was his crusade in Korea.... 1.1 million in attendance. I get chills just thinking about it.

Random facts. I know. You love it...that's why you keep coming back, right?

Happy Anniversary to my family Jason & Liz

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