Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom & me

Mom & me
Originally uploaded by Whitley. didn't think that I would forget my mom on mother's day, now did you?

Mom..there are no words available to adequately describe what you mean to me. You've been a constant enouragement, compass, and friend...but always--my mother first. You give wise advice...and you always put your family before yourself. You are a smart, able and dependable person....making the lives of others around you better.

I love you so much...and I pray that one day I will be half the woman, the mother, that you are to me.

Love you mom!


Nancy said...

Love that picture! Yes, you do have a WONDERFUL mother! Love you!

Jared and Sara said...

That is an awesome picture. You look a lot like your mom, you are both beauties :-) And to answer your question, we are headed to ID for Jared;s youngest sister's high school graduation. The whole family is coming back, should be a lot of fun.

Kym said...

HOLY COW!! You don't just look like your mother, you could BE your mother! Both as beautiful as ever!

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