Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You have to go and see...

...these wedding pictures by...Tim Halberg. He's a fantastic photographer...and I'm a fan. This slideshow, is of a recent wedding...the song is fitting...the groom is blind. I think I cried through the whole slideshow. Powerful. Love is so powerful. God's love, is so powerful.

Click here to see the slideshow.

p.s. His wife Cheryl May is a wonderful photographer as well...Want to see her stuff too? Go here.

Today is the the soft opening of Raceworld USA...and Friday will be the Grand should go. Why? Because I know a really amazing man that works there.....but I'm not saying any names.


Nika said...

The pictures were amazing....WOW! Thanks for sharing as always.

Speaking of great photographers thought this lady would pique your interest...Her work is fierce! Her name is Jessica Claire and the link is


Tim Halberg said...

aww!! thanks sooooo much! That wedding was sooooooo special!!!

And yeah, Jessica Claire freaking rocks!!!!

Candice said...

Thx Nika!

Tim- I so enjoyed your pix...they are so powerful!

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