Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Lanna Judith Whitley Wedges 2
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So today is Judith's birthday (in the center of our silly picture) I have a TON of pix of this lady...but this one cracked me I used it (forgive me Ju). Anywho...girl enjoy your last year in the twenties *wink wink* (i'm not too far behind). You are missed and and I hope this day is the best day ever!!!
So ballroom dancing is fun! Daniel and I learned more of the foxtrot last night...and we added SWING! Once we get the basics of ALL the dances we will pick a couple to focus on for good. Our best dances are the one's we did last night (the rumba & salsa...give me a run for the money). SO fun!

We are staying busy being a married bunch! Loving our church (Elevation)...and getting involved. More to come :).

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