Monday, July 23, 2007

Mr and Mrs Lanning

Tomorrow, the 24th, is Candice and my 4 month anniversary of marriage! It's been a fantastic four months....and we have learned so much about each other and ourselves over these months. Though sometimes there are tough growing pains, when you attempt to put someone before you and love them regardless of the situation and try not to hurt them, you can only grow stronger thru those times. Yesterday we celebrated our one month of being together.....4 months of dating....4 months of engagement....4 months of about a week, marriage will be the longest section of our relationship! That's pretty cool!

We get to fly up to Michigan later this week which is where we actually started dating....we won't make it to "our spot" but we'll be close. Last year, Candice had flown up for the first time....her luggage got lost and she met my family the day after we started dating.....welcome to the Lanning's! Thankfully I didn't scare her off.....this is a picture of us from that weekend.....


Candice & Daniel said...

aww...daniel...i didn't know you posted. you are just the most romantic man i know! love you so much!

Demi Eliese said...

hey! i have no idea how to do these blogs really yet so I am just leaving random comments..i wanted to ask you about getting some photos taken next time i am in charlotte, lemme know how that all works chica!

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