Saturday, July 14, 2007

No we didn't

So we thought we had seen it all....what new sports can they play on ESPN2? I'll tell you.

Candice and I (this is Daniel writing here....I think we are going to consolidate blogs) have been in Myrtle Beach this weekend and have had a fantastic time. It's been raining this afternoon, so we've been inside our hotel room enjoying a relaxing time and watching a bit of television. Being a sports enthusiast, I always check out the ESPN's and FSN when we go somewhere that has cable. Today was no exception.....except that I saw something on ESPN2 that I never thought possible.

USA Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship.

No, I did not stutter.

It was the championship vs. man. Plaid button-up and khakis vs. plain button-up and khakis. Sweaty brow vs. sweaty palms. It went into 3 sets with a rookie winning $50,000. He threw the paper, the loser threw rock. What an intense battle. Even the announcers were feeling the pressure.

If this has sparked your curiosity, go here.

Otherwise, feel encouraged that you may find your sport on ESPN2 someday.

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