Friday, August 10, 2007


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Daniel and I had a maternity shoot this past Sunday. It was our first...and it was portraiture style...both new for us....and yet...we got some really great shots.

Daniel built me a pipe and drape and we bought cloth from the cloth store (saving a couple hundred bucks)...we also bought lighting...another first. Can I just say...that when I do's not just me...but it's Daniel as well, without him....I couldn't do it.

I've only posted a on the picture to see more.

So tomorrow we do bridal portraits (photojournalistic style) in Asheboro. Two of my staff (Brett & Jes) from when I worked at a college in a Resident Director...are getting married. We are praying that by 4 p.m. it won't be quite as hot for the bride and for us!!!

More to come!


babes.having.babes said...

So how do you feel about maternity pictures with babies in them?

Candice said...

Jessi...are you pregnant?!?!?! CONGRATS! Yes we will take your pictures...!!

Jared and Sara said...

love the pictures...those are really cool. Makes me want another one :-)

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