Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Morning from Taipei, Taiwan.

After 27 hours of traveling, Daniel and I safely made it to Taiwan. (if you are doing that math...we are 12 hours ahead of Eastern/Standard time). The 3 flights (2 layovers) were long...but really just fine. We were impressed with United Airlines.

We made it to Rachel & Matt's house at about 9:30ish...and took a walk around their block. Taiwan is just another's so safe here ( still have to watch out and make sure that you don't get hit by one of the 1000 scooters nearby).

We are headed out to Hong Kong (China) this afternoon...and we will just be on sensory overload, from what I many more stories and pictures to come.

(the baby is our sweet nephew Micah....the other pictures are random...the one with the umbrella is Daniel and his sister Rachel...)

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Demi Eliese said...

How amazing that you guys are ALL the way over there! take some good pics and tell us some good stories and make sure to include all details concerning they really eat dogs over there, is there mystery meat on a stick that they sell at vendors?? etc (I've heard that sometimes cats are included on the menue!) besides the wierd stuff, I've heard the food is amazing, do tell!

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