Monday, October 29, 2007


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Daniel and I had the privalege of creating 'Charlie' together this weekend. He is our new child. Actually...he's our goofly looking pumpkin. It was too fun to do...and reminded me of how excited Matthew and I would get when dad & mom would buy a pumpkin and carve it with us. Great times. The best part was baking the seeds for Daniel afterwards. More pictures here.

Then...if that wasn't enough fall festivities...we made caramel apples and shared them with our overnight houseguests, theChristensen's.

We also have the privalage of hosting Daniel's sister and bro-in-law (Liz & Jason) as they have just moved from Michigan to the Carolina's. He's working as an attorney for the Billy Graham E.A. We are so excited to have more of Daniel's family so close!!!

Sunday, after church...all of us were lounging around ...and there was a knock on the door. 3 of the neighborhood kids met Daniel there and said, "Mr. Dan, we have a business proposition for you. We'll wash your car for $3.' Now is that a deal or what. So Daniel said yes and went outside to help them...after they were finished....they each split the $3 and were able to go to the gas station to get something. They were so proud. They were funny too!! Liz got a great picture of we'll get her to post it soon!

Have a great Monday!

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Jared and Sara said...

The caramel apples were delicious! Thanks for the hospitality...even though we left your house at 4:45, we were still cutting it close to get to our flight at 6. But we made it and had a great weekend. We are SOOO tired now, though! I don't think we ever recovered from the early start.

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