Thursday, October 25, 2007


disclaimer: this is daniel, i am the guest writer on my wife's blog today.

i have the most wonderful wife in the world.....and she comes up with the best surprises.

my birthday is in just under a month and candice told me she had my birthday present to give to me today because part of it had to be used before the big day (and she is not good at keeping secrets). i had no ideas on what it could be....and even couldn't get it after multiple guesses. anyway, the best wife in the world bought me/us partial season tickets to the Charlotte Bobcats games! We get to see 12 games (of teams that include San Antonio, Miami, Dallas, Cleveland, Boston, and Chicago) and will have great seats. Candice did this all on her own....I had only mentioned going to a game or two. Not only did both sides of family members go in on a new in-ground basketball hoop for my birthday (that is already been placed and used), but now we have tickets to see some of the best teams in the nba.

Thank you, Candice! I love you so much!

So I've been celebrating my birthday for a month already and will have another month to celebrate coming up!

On another of my best friends in college, Jeff, and his wife, Amy, had a baby boy this morning.....Ethan John. Praise the Lord he is a heathy baby with a healthy mom and dad!


Candice & Daniel said...

awww. you are totally worth it! i love you more than you love ice cream :P.

CONGRATS AMY & JEFF! We can't wait to see Ethan!

Nancy said...

What a GREAT gift, Candice! You certainly know the way to Daniel's heart...HA!
Hope they WIN!

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