Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Van Hamme's

The Van Hamme's
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The Van Hamme's are close friends of both Daniel and me. Lisa and I grew up together...and both she and Joel were in our wedding. Just great friends.

Two weeks ago, we found out that Lisa has breast cancer and will be undergoing a radical bilateral masectomy (next week). Please keep them and their families in your prayers.

Because of the outpouring of love, the Van Hamme's have been overwhelmed with phone calls and more...so this weekend while Daniel and I stayed with them for the weekend in Columbia (and we walked with 13,000 others for a cure for Breast Cancer...pictures to come), Lisa and I created a blog to keep you updated on her progress.....and how her family is doing.

Please...no flowers....give them cards of encouragement, money and gift cards. :). More than anything...instead of phone calls...leave the words of encouragement on their blog.

I'm still working on her blog header...but you can go here for updates...and we have their link on the side of our blog...

If you click on their picture...it will take you to some of our pictures from the weekend....mainly of Ella Joy...but....you might like to look at them all the same...


Lori said...

My prayers go out to this precious family and to you as her friend- I know you will worry. If you need anything let me know...

Sherry said...

I am Sherry, Lisa's oldest cousin, and I even changed her diapers when she was little and rocked her and loved her as my own. I am in a personal crisis of my own right now, but nothing like my little Lisa is going through. I do know that God is in control and that He went to the cross for us and if we will only trust Him, He will take care of us and Lisa He will be with her through all of these circumstances. We just have to trust Him, let Him take care of us.
I heard this recently at a bible study, " He has caled me to these circumstances and He is healing her (Lisa) but He walked her (Lisa) through the circumstances." A minister prayed a prayer for someone like Lisa who was going to have surgery and he prayed over the surgeons and their hands as they operated, but this minister also prayed, "ENABLE HER TO BEAR THE PAIN," and I believe he means help her to bear the emotional and the physical pain.

God has spoken to me recently as I have asked Him in my own circumstances, "Where am I to go Lord, what am I to do?" and His answer is "There is no where else to go--You have the word of LIFE."
His word, we only have to trust Him.

I love you my little Lisa, your healing is already taken care of, God is working and using you in your circumstances. Bless you and yours, and know that ALL HE ASKS OF US IS THAT WE RECOGNIZE THAT WE CAN TRUST HIM.

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