Friday, November 30, 2007

Same simple mistakes.

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So...the past couple of times I've mixed cake or brownie batter....I've messed up one essential item: water. The recipe will call for 2/3 cup of water, and for whatever reason...I guess I'm not paying attention...I put in 1 2/3 cup. I get in a hurry or start chatting with my husband...and invariably make the mistake.

Well, last night....I got the urge to make cupcakes for my husband to share with his co-workers. I started mixing this wonderful butter cake recipe....the last ingredient to add was the water. I grab my 2 cup measuring cup. I go to fill it up...and see that it says 2/3 across the cup...but it's on the opposite side. I don't think twice about it and dump it into the mixing bowl.

I notice that the batter is a bit more watery in consistency than it should be. UGH! It hits me.... I grab the measuring cup...I had filled it up to the 1 2/3 cup level. Now, before I had even started making the cake, I said to myself, "Pay close attention Candice.....or you will get this wrong."

Sure as the sun does shine, this happened to me again.

Daniel was grilling for our dinner and walked inside as I just griped to myself out loud at my mistake. He, being the wonderful husband he is, just rubbed me on my back and said, "Don't worry Candice, it's no big deal...just throw it out and make the chocolate cake instead."

But I had to have a little pout moment. I asked Daniel just to give me a second to just get over it. I decided not to make any cupcakes at all and sat down. I couldn't believe I had done it again...same simple mistake ruined the whole batter.

I think the same can happen in our walk with Christ. We can be going along following the 'recipe for life in the Bible' and then BAM...sin creeps up in our life. Perhaps the same sin over and over. When you realize just want to react. UGH!

Then, Jesus, rubs us on our back (metaphorically speaking) and says, "Candice (or insert your name here), it's okay, just seek repentance and start over again." Now the question is, do we start over again? Do we say to Him, "Jesus, I'm going to need a break right now to just get over this?" or....Do we just give up?

Logically, answer one is the correct one....but sometimes it's the most difficult to accept that Jesus' forgiveness is so easy and readily available. Instead, we decide to take a break from Jesus, or just give up all together.

Just a thought.


Demi Eliese said...

AAH, i see these dang cupcakes, and now i need to ransack my pantry and find some sort of pastry, THANKS ALOT! haha,love the christmas deco here. :)

Jessica said...

Great story! Isn't it amazing what God will teach us through all the little things ... I am just beginning to learn how He does this! Glad you really enjoyed the Stevie Wonder concert! What fun?!

JennLynnMcGinn said...

Great story! I often make many mistakes when it comes to baking...and actually have physical scars to document my battles with the oven.

I've been keeping track of your friend Lisa's battle with cancer and heard a song today that made me lose all track of though while driving on the interstate and pray for her. It's Craig Morgan's song "Tough". I've listened to it many times and usually think of my on mother...but today it made me think of her and her and I will continue to ray for her and her family. Hope you're doing well!

GE is me said...

I really enjoy when you share how the Lord teaches you through things like this. Nothing like having an AHA moment.

On a photo note, check out the reality show "the shot" on VH1 Sunday night @ 10pm EST. (or you can check out their contests at the VH1 website.)

btw- good for you standing up & not listening to foul music.


Candice & Daniel said...

demi- haha so sorry....I should never tempt a pregnant woman with stories such as these..*wink*

jes-thanks lady! ...and oh how I loved the stevie concert....

jenn, thank you so much for your sweet prayer for lisa...i know it's needed and i will pass your words along to her..

gail-thanks for the show request...we'll check it out!

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