Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Weekend.

Brock & Cell Phone
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We made it through the weekend! Daniel and I have had quite the weekend...but some things of note. On Saturday morning we were able to hang out with some of Daniel's sisters, bro-in-law & nephew (pictured here...)

...we were also able to take wedding pictures of a very special wedding at Elevation on Saturday after band practice. It was an amazing and a beautiful story of God's love and grace. Read here to hear more about the couple before their nuptials.

Today we had our DOMINATE combined service. It was amazing to see so many people giving God control of their lives, finances and more. I was so honored to sing and be a part of this unbelievable service. i'm sure it (Week Five of DOMINATE) will be posted here soon. Wait for it!

Hmmm. So some personal notes would be nice. What's new? Honestly, Daniel and I have just been SO busy. Very busy.....and until the first of the year, we don't forsee that changing, but never TOO busy to inform you. More to come...!

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