Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I want it to snow....

...here in Charlotte, because I want it to feel like Christmas. I remember as a child, the anticipation for Christmas Eve/Day was almost too much...I couldn't wait. These days I just want it to be cold and snow...so it will put me in the 'Christmas Spirit'

The same can happen in our Christian walk....when we are a new believer...we are excited...jumping..that our lives have been restored by Jesus. Just thinking of him can give us overwhelming joy. At times, after we have been serving God for some time...we just want to be at that place again to feel God and be excited for him the same way we did in the beginning of our walk with him. We want the 'mood' to be set just right.

Well, Christmas still comes, even if it doesn't get cold or snow. We can make the choice to celebrate Christmas and get into the 'Christmas Spirit' even if all of the surrounding circumstances are quite lined up for us to 'get in the mood'.

Jesus still longs for us, even after all of this time. My guess is more now than ever before (like I feel about Daniel....loving him more and more each day). So even if our surrounding circumstances of life don't line up to make it easy to be in the 'mood' to serve Jesus, lets choose to celebrate and love him no matter what. Because Jesus is still Jesus..and will be our savior always.

Just a thought.


Nancy said...

If you come home here we'll have LOTS of snow for you! We'd LOVE to send you some in your Christmas box.....but it just might not make it!

Kym said...

me too me too...i want snow so bad! we've had 80 degree weather this week! YUCK! It's supposed to get down to the 20s on sunday, we'll see. i commented on my blog from what you left. :)

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