Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Oh the places you'll go....

It's only 7:46 am on New Year's Day, and I've read some pretty inspiring blogs so far (Michelle and Lisa L) So Daniel and I thought we would share some of our own things from 2007 that were wonderful or caused growth....and some goals too (you don't get all of them...well...because...not everything is for the internet:).

2007....The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Getting Married.

Traveling to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, South/North Carolina.

The sale of our house in Michigan.

Getting our Photography License and brand as well as all the friends that gave us an opportunity to shoot pictures for them...as we learned.

Blessing people with resources. (Daniel and I love to give. If you don't give, please do, it is one of the most wonderful gifts we've given to ourselves.)

Finding a church home (Elevation) and making friendships in our church and small groups.

Buying a new car. With two cars that had 200K miles on them, we needed one dependable car. Thank you Lord for your provisions for our new vehicle.

Turning our house into a home. (All of the little projects we've done/added to our house are so nice....)

Visiting family and having new additions to our family and more. We are so thankful for our two nephews as well as having Katie enter our family.

Our jobs. We are so blessed to have jobs....thank you Lord for your continual provision in our lives.

There are so many more we could list....but you wouldn't want to read that long of a blog post..

2008...Oh the places we'll go..

Give more. Whether it be financial, relational, spiritual...we want to continue to give more. I want to less selfish in all areas of my life.

Continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Broaden our business....get our website up and running....

Keep growing deeper in our relationship with Christ and with each other. It takes work....and it's so worth it too! **Daniel wants me to specifically add that he wants us to grow deeper in love every day...isn't he sweet?!**

Travel. Daniel and I put flags in a huge map on our wall in the sitting room of our master bedroom of where we've been. The goal is to do little trips throughout the year and an international trip every year/or every other year. It's amazing how our perception of life and the world change for better understanding when seeing places outside of our own community.

Creative expression. I need it. I crave it. I'd like to sew, do fun cooking experiments and just be more creative. (Candice)

Sports Outlet. I would like to find a rec team that I could play with weekly. (Daniel)

...In the words of the wise Will Smith....from the movie Hitch..."Wake up every morning like it's on purpose.."

Happy New Year!

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