Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hard to keep up.

Thursday of last week...was my last day at work...at the shelter that is. I had mixed emotions as I left. I love the work that the shelter does for the homeless men of Charlotte. Each of those men have affected my life in more ways than they'll ever know. I have each of their names written on my heart to pray for until Jesus takes us all home.

I was sad to leave them, but so excited about what the Lord has in store for me at Elevation Church. What an honor to be a part of a vision that is truly changing hearts by the multitude for Jesus. What Pastor Furtick said to me is so true, "God had to connect all the dots in my life to get me to this point." I'm so thankful the Lord did. I start in an 'official' capacity on Thursday!! It's going to be the ride of a lifetime for both Daniel and me, I'm sure.

Daniel and I have been hanging out with all of his family since Thursday. His parents, 3 sisters, 3 bro-in-laws and 2 nephews. It's been fun. Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting the Billy Graham Library. What a sweet honor that is to the lives and legacy's of Ruth & Billy Graham. As I went through it with Daniel, listening to different video presentations and seeing different artifacts, amazing pictures and more...I just wanted to weep. Billy Graham is a humble man and his message was simple and always the same--Jesus loves you, he wants to save you and help you through life (with more detail...this is obviously my simplified version). As we saw his 'Journey of Faith' I just thought of all of the many lives touched through the Graham Ministry.

Daniel said to me at the end of this thing, "You know, Pastor Furtick's ministry seems to be a lot like Billy Graham's, to seek and save those that are far from God." I thought to myself, you know....you're right.

SOOOO much more to come....but we still have company over until Friday....hope your week is fantastic!


Deb said...

Look what I get to do today...

What a humbling experience to see the work of Billy Graham.

And what fun to spend time with the other side of the family.

Best Wishes on your new job and what sweet memories you have of the past one. Life is so full of meaning & purpose, so full of beauty...

Nika said...

Congrats on the new job! I have never been to the Billy Graham library but I have always been humbled and touched by his geninue spirit-he and Ruth. Continue to enjoy the week with your family!

Brandon said...


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Brandon said...

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