Friday, February 08, 2008


Well our website is up and running! Check us out here and share it with all your friends. Check out all the links...but my fave is under's called 'Featured' To celebrate our opening...go check out our blog for some 'specials' offered for a limited time here.

All is well in the Lanning world. We were happy to see all of Daniel's family for the past week..and sad to see them go yesterday and today. I started at Elevation for my first day as staff there. It was fabulous and everyone couldn't be nicer.

So much more to go and check our website already!


Brett said...

CONGRATS on the new site! We checked it out last looks great! (It was kinda fun to see our pics on there!) Hope you guys have a great weekend!

The Beautiful Mess said...

Thanks!... I thought you'd like your pix on there...

Nika said...

All I have to say is the site is amazing...fabulousity personified! ;)


Demi Eliese said...

WOW-the site looks GREAT! You guys will def be booking tons of jobs!! Me being one of them the next time I get my butt to Charlotte :)

I posted some maternity pics, come look!

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