Saturday, February 16, 2008


Daniel and I are enjoying a wonderful 2 day excursion to a Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, NC, at Cedar Crest Inn. This amazing house was built in 1891...and it's been said that the same artisans that did the wood work at the Biltmore for Vanderbilt, did the wood work at this house.

Daniel planned this fun excursion, but not just because it was Valentine's weekend, but because he loves to plan trips for us. He would have done this even if it wasn't V-Day weekend. In fact, the reason he planned this one, is because he knew I needed a weekend away to relax. A good man he is!

Speaking of Valentine's Day....Daniel had planned a whopper of a day! Creative is not the word for was better than just creataive! He had told me in advance that he had spent $3 on my gift. I thought it was a card, but he'd already given me a homemade card with a poem he'd written in it. So what could it be? I walked through the doors...Daniel had cooked me chicken stir fry. But that wasn't his gift....what could it be.

He grabs the remote to our iHome...puts on a song that sounds just like Ne-Yo's song, 'Sexy Love.' is that song. Daniel walks up and begins a sweet serenade of his version of the song. Yes Ladies, he wrote a song for me to fit the music of that song. So thoughtful, romantic and sweet. I have THE best man I know.

Jealous. Yeah, you should be!

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