Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Check your tires....

Yesterday as I was driving home from work I was going to make a stop at the jewelry store in the mall to get a necklace fixed for Candice. There are two entrances to the mall...typically Candice and I choose the first. Yesterday was no different...except that the roads were wet, my mind was wandering, and my front tires were shiny bald. Not a good combination.
As I realized the turn was here sooner than I thought, I slammed on brakes and tried to turn right onto the ramp. Not going to happen...I am sliding straight ahead.
So I tried to pull the car left and get back on the road. Not a chance...now I am really sliding and the curb ahead is drawing too close too fast.
Wham! The Maxima hits the curb, rolls up on the grass so that the passenger front tire and 2 back tires are on the grass and the front driver side tire is off the grass and back on the road. I got out and saw there was a big knot on the side of one of the tires (like when those people sit on a basketball and pop out one side of it) but that it still had air. I crawled into the mall parking lot, did my business in the mall, and then came back for a check on the car. Still a full tire. Thankfully, the Lord kept the car and tire okay to crawl home, crawl to the tire place this morning, and have everything fixed...and thankfully Candice didn't freak out when I told her what had happened!

As I've been processing the event, it reminds me of how in my walk with the Lord I can be coasting along (or ignoring the warning signs....cause I knew the tires were getting thin) thinking everything is alright and then God directly and intentionally reminds me that he is in control and that I need to continually be checking myself, my choices, my heart, my thoughts, and my relationships. If I coast for too long without his intervention, it can lead to much more severe problems (i.e. a flat tire) that cost a lot more and take a lot longer to get fixed.

p.s. Check out the post below...so cute.

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