Monday, April 14, 2008

He's Still Workin' On Me... make me what I ought to be... I love that song. I remember growing up and singing it (it's by 'The Hemphills). Still true...he's still working on me.

Monday's at the Elevation Church Offices mean MOMENTUM. That's our all-staff meetings. Each meeting can be so different...and today was no exception. Pastor Furtick led MOMENTUM today. He prayed for each staff member individually. What an amazing honor to be prayed over by him and to hear his prayers for my amigos in the ministry. We are all on the same team...and to hear the prayers for each person go up makes me want to weep. I guess I just wanted to take a minute to share how incredibly honored and blessed I feel. Thank you Jesus for your grand design and plan.

This past week was crazy. Crazy busy. But God is good..and it was fabulous! We photographed a couple from our small group on the most important day of their lives next to their WEDDING! Eric was such a gracious groom. I can't wait to post some of their pix soon...

Today we are photographing Mack & Meredith. Meredith is the Creative Director here at Elevation. The girl is crazy talented and a gifted leader. Mack is a worship leader at Elevation. This dynamic duo is doing AMAZING things to further the gospel. Our gift to them are their pictures for her CONGO missions trip coming up. So cool we get to photograph them.

Thank you God for your unfailing love. I just had to say that. There are times when I just run up and grab Daniel to hug and hold onto him. He'll respond, "What did I do to deserve all of this attention..?" My response is.."I was just so full of love for you at this moment, if I didn't show it...I was going to burst." That's what I feel for God right at this very moment. God. You are so good.

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