Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stephen Curry, LeBron James...and the Bobcats

Last night we had the opportunity to go to the Bobcats vs Cavs game. It was fantastic and amazing to see Lebron James. He fouled out of the game…which was satisfying to see. Even though the Bobcats did not win, it was a VERY close game.

To add to our excitement yesterday, Daniel and I ran into our old friends the Curry’s. That’s Stephen and Dell Curry. We chatted and they invited us up to their box seats. After dinner and lots of fun conversation about Davidson’s game this past Sunday we decided to go back to our stellar seats in the upper level.

Naw….actually we were able to meet, get a picture with Stephen Curry and get his autograph. He’s a nice kid…and it was really cool to see him. Here's a picture of us...(unedited)from our stellar seats). It really was a great game.

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