Tuesday, June 24, 2008


It's a quiet night in the Lanning house...

So quiet I can hear the house creak.

Candice is away at a staff advance for 2 days so I'm home alone, lacking my best friend to have conversation with....need I say more?

I will.

This week our church is participating in a "kill the television" week. We're all keeping the tv off from Monday-Friday.

And if you still think it isn't quiet enough around the house...our loud and rowdy neighbors decided to take the night off and haven't made a sound...it could only happen when Candice is gone.

Yeah....I think I'll go find some chirping birds to invite into the house so I can have a little noise other than the occasional drip of the kitchen sink faucet (which I still need to fix)...or the ice maker in the fridge doing its thing every thirty minutes.

And while having the house so quiet can be strange and awkward at times (i'm too lazy to get my iPod out of the car), it's actually quite soothing. Living and working in the city can be so hectic and cacophonic (spell check doesn't like my adjustment to the english language...but I like the feel of the word) that days can go by before I really have an uninterrupted moment to just rest without any noise.

So here's to an awkwardly quiet night at home...hopefully I wake up to the alarm tomorrow without help from Candice.

No post should ever be without a picture....Enjoy.
Me & My Guy....

I miss you, love.

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Daniel & Candice said...

aww. miss you too! thank you for your thoughtful post. it's almost midnight...and I'd would love to have you here with me...

that picture is appropriate because...it's when we were dating and i was about to have to drop you off at the airport to go back to Michigan. i was so sad....

love you babe...miss you too...see you soon!

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