Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just past two....

It was just past two o'clock 445 days ago that Candice and I committed our lives to each other in marriage. It's amazing that only 810 days ago we made our first contact. I've been alive for roughly 9,700 days, so we're not even close to a tenth of my lifetime knowing each other. In so many ways, it's hard for me to remember life before Candice.....going thru college without knowing her, playing all those high school and college sports without her watching, owning and renovating my first house only knowing her near the end....sometimes I just assume that Candice received this little file in her brain when we got married that shows her my life story, but there isn't such a thing.

One of the most enjoyable times in my day is when Candice and I are just hanging out and I learn something new about her...whether it's recent or 15 years that she's now using fluoride for her teeth or that she used to use a British accent when she would go on vacation with her family...

I look forward to the day when there are more memories of us together than memories made before we knew each other. I'm understanding how marriage can be special every single day and that it just gets better and better when both spouses put in to a relationship.

In the words of the country singer, James Otto, "I'm thankful for the weekend, But two days in heaven just ain't gonna do...Trust me when I tell you darlin, Girl I just got started lovin you."

It's a pleasure each and every day to be your husband, Candice.

(p.s. this picture is from the first time we met in Columbia, SC...we started it off right with southern could i resist?)


Daniel & Candice said...

awww. baby. i love you. you are the sweetest and bestest man I know :)

Rachel said...

That's really sweet, Daniel! :) What a nice post to your darlin' wife!

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