Thursday, June 19, 2008

Superstition + Clemson University. = Happiness

"Very superstitous, writings on the wall...." the sounds of one of my all time favorite musicians, Stevie Wonder, are in the earbuds as we speak. That song wants to make me get up and walk the streets with a strut like John Travolta's in Saturday Night Fever or maybe even do some dance that the BeeGees would do. I'm amazed at how music moves me like an old friend visiting or a wonderful memory that pops back into your head and makes you smile.

Speaking of things that make me smile...

Daniel and I had a great opportunity about 3 weekends ago to go to Six Mile, SC, to photograph a family there. Since Six Mile is so close to Clemson (which is a town and a University...and where I went to grad school) we took a visit there. I showed Daniel some of my favorite spots there like, Mac's Drive In, Ancheaux's, Death Valley, Tillman Hall, and Canterbury Drive. Below are a few of our pictures from that day... There will be a link under each picture...if you click on will take you to it's flickr site and give you a description of each area... (our fun facts are courtesy of ClemsonWiKi )Enjoy...

Pat at Mac's Drive-in at Clemson
Pat at Mac's Drive In

Mac's Drive-In in Clemson
Mac's Drive In History..

Howard's Rock at Death Valley in Clemson
Howard's Rock History...

Tillman Hall at Clemson University
Tillman Hall History

Memorial Stadium History

A picture I didn't want to post on the blog here...*wink wink* .

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stunningman said...

Great pics! (but they make me miss home) Love the one of Pat.

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