Friday, August 01, 2008

Dear Mr. WD

Mr. WD

Dear Mr WD,

Last night Daniel and I were editing pictures and dropping some pictures into your hard drive. phone rang and I had a lap full of work Daniel jumped up to answer the phone. When he did, he didn't see you sitting on the floor and tripped over your cord. You then fell the short distance from upright to your side. We then no longer showed your icon on our desktop.

You wouldn't work at all. We were crazy-sick about all the work we had on you. Today...we called and asked for help. They suggested we stick you in the freezer for 20 minutes and then plug you back in, but, you wouldn't have it. You still don't work.

Our last resort...we called a hard drive disk repair company. They said they would do a diagnostic on you for repair you would be $350-800 dollars..and if they had to replace parts on you...well could cost $900-$2500 dollars. Now Mr WD, you were only $100 to begin with, why are you so expensive to fix?

They asked how valuable your information was...and we answered VERY. But...we can't afford to fix you until we are multi-millionaires. So until we can...we have to say goodbye and sit you on the shelf.

Should you decide to make an appearance without being fixed...we'll welcome you with open arms!

With disappointment and sadness,
Candice & Daniel


JT said...

haha, this made me snot on myself. I'm sorry you lost all those nude pictures of richard simmons that you and Daniel took. I'm sure richard will come over and model again. He loves to have his picture taken.

JT said...

Miss yall, my name is justin by the way.

Allison said...

OH! So sad! Aaron's external hard drive was dropped by someone who was borrowing it...and we lost everything on it (including our honeymoon pictures that weren't backed up) :(


Hey Whit, we dropped our camera in the water and waiting about 3 weeks and bought a new one. Then we randomly cut on the old camera and it worked. So I say this to say don't give up! He may work again after a little while...he'll come around!!

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