Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Friday Affair...

On Friday afternoon Daniel and I headed off to Lexington, NC, to photograph a wedding of a couple that we know, Sarah & Jeremy. They were married at Childress Vineyards (gorgeous location). The wedding couldn't have had better weather and it was right at sunset. GORGEOUS.

Well...that's the teaser...those pictures are to come....but here are a few (and by a few I mean 15 or so) bridal portraits of Sarah. Click here to view the complete set.

field 10 bw

field 08 ed

field 04


train 02 ed

train 06

courtyard 15 ed


staci with an i said...

lexington nc! woop woop! you were about a mile from my parents house :)

michael said...

hey d & c - jeremy's dad here. amazingly beautiful pics of an amazingly beautiful bride. can't wait to see the rest. enjoyed meeting you both and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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