Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bit of News

Life is amazing. You can go through a series of good times, bad times, meaningful times and well...changes. At first...change can be difficult..but when you come out on the other side of look at it and say, "You didn't scare me...bwahahaha!" Well, maybe not the 'bwahahahaha' part...but you can look at it and be amazed at the change and the process. The process is the most important part...because it's during the process that you are forever's the process that teaches you and that you learn from.

Where am I going with this? I'm glad you asked...Daniel and I made the jump (no...we are not having a baby...)! We decided that now is the time for us to have me go FULL-TIME into photography. It's a dream come true. I'm excited, scared and a tiny bit insecure....BUT--I am looking forward to the 'process' of it. I'm looking forward to meeting FABULOUS clients and their families, meeting vendors, finding great locations, becoming a smart businesswoman...and a better photographer.

What does this mean for you? Well..this means that you'll have a very regularly updated blog to read, photography sessions coming down the pipeline...and more! Thank you for your support on this!!

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!


Haley Lamb said...

you will be awesome at this!

Lisa said...

Congrats on making your dream a reality!! I can't wait to see all of your beautiful pics.

Brett said...

Wow! This is REALLY exciting news! We are rejoicing with you guys!

hannahlockaby said...

Hey Guys! I think that both of you are amazing and some of my fav. photographers. I just started my business this past year, and I am working my butt off to try and make my dreams come true as well. My life is now wrapped up in family, photography, and my church...and "I could not want for more." (ha).

hannah lockaby
conway, sc

Deb said...

I am so jealous! Actually, I wish you lived closer to teach me a few things in photography. Just the basics. Or even how to use my new camera properly. Not that I want to go into business but for scrapbooking. :-) See, I don't ask for much.

I am so excited for you! You GO Girl!

Love ya!

Shara Lana Pisowicz said...

Congratulations!!! I hope to watch you flourish! : )

Stephanie said...

Candice, I am so proud of you for stepping out and doing something you have always dreamed of! I hope I still get to see you around! You always make me smile when I see you.

Now that you are full time, we have to try to set up a shoot. E-mail me some info when you get a chance.

Daniel & Candice said...

YAY!! Thank you all for your support!

Stephanie...I'll give you a holla Sunday at Elevation :)

Jenny King said...

Wow, that's great!!

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