Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lauren & Matt Engaged!

...thank you to all who are excited about our "Oli". We get him when we return from Cali! That's right kiddos...we are off to Cali bright and early tomorrow morning. We'll be blogging our adventures right here on this blog with you... (I can hardly bear much more excitment!)

Daniel and I had a FABULOUS weekend. We did a fitness (Body for Life) shoot with a friend from college. Her pictures are amazing...but...well...those won't be shared with the world...they are for her :) We also had a photoshoot with two of my favorite SWU people: Brett & Jes. They were both RAs in my building that I was RLC (Residence Life Coordinator) for. For those of you who haven't followed me for Master's is in Student Affairs Administration for Higher Education ( may be the only one who knows what that is...since you have the same degree ;). So I digress....Brett and Jes are amazing people..we shot their wedding...and year later they came to visit and got some great shots...with their labra-doodle, Cali. Those will be coming when we return from C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A!!

...back to the post at hand..Lauren & Matt. She's funny and bubbly..he's gentle and kind...the two together make love look easy...and are in for the ride of a lifetime: marriage! Check out a few of the MANY favorites we took on that day...or go here to see them on flickr...and if you haven't had enough...go to the end of this post...and watch the slideshow of pictures set to music!!

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