Monday, October 06, 2008

Week 2

It's the beginning of week 2 as a full-time business owner/photographer! We've have had 2 engagement shoots and many more planned. Thank you Lord for providing!

I think one of the first things a full-time photog should do is have goals. If not, you are treading water. I started with..reviewing a mind-blowing book, E-Myth, by Michael E. Gerber. Check it out. It will revolutionize your way of thinking about small business.

The second thing I feel like a full-time photog should do I need relationships with vendors and other photographers. Thankfully I got a headstart... my friend and fellow photographer Cheyenne Schultz and her hubby have been SO generous with their time, resources and networking. I hope I'm able to help others they way they've so generously helped us.

It's also important to blog regularly. I think it's important to share honestly about photography, life and more. I don't think anyone can really understand our photography and our style if you don't know the role it plays in our everyday lives. So in an attempt to help anyone thinking about starting their own business, whether photography or not, here we go!!!!! Click here to see our latest photos!

Speaking of what's going on in our life....our Pastor, BROUGHT IT, on Sunday. We are in a series about relationships. It was real and honest...sure...when you tell the truth it can feel a bit uncomfortable...but don't let that stop you in your tracks, let it propel you to be challenged to be better. That's what his sermon did this Sunday. Go here to listen to it (it's week 4).

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