Sunday, November 30, 2008

Better Late Than Never.

We mentioned Nicole DeAnne back when we had our photoshoot in California...but I need to blog her again. Why, you may ask? Well...she rocked my hair and makeup when we got our photo-shoot with Jasmine Star back in October and she gave some blog love. Here's her blog love!

She was so fun and personable...and was creative and attentive when helping me select my style for the shoot. Check her out...and if your in Cali getting married or just getting a shoot with the fabulous Jasmine Star...well then, give Nicole DeAnne some LOVE!


Jasmine said...

You're so fabulous! By the way, I'm burning your candle and thinking of you and Daniel! :)

taryn said...

No wonder you blogged about her again. She did an amazing job!

Nicole DeAnne................. said...

oh my goodness! You are too freaking sweet! I am so shocked you dedicated a full on post about me! You ROCK! I had SO much fun meeting you and Daniel as well! I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday, & please keep me posted if you ever come back to CA and visit!!
Thanks SO much!

Daniel and Candice: TBM Photography said...

Awww. Thanks Jasmine!

Taryn...isn't it the truth!?

Nicole--We had a great time!!! It would have been our loss not to dedicate an entire post to you! I couldn't have been happier with your work and your personality!

If you're ever in Charlotte...give a girl a 'holla'!

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