Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Endings...

I love Happy Endings. Seriously. I do. But I have to be honest...I'm not a fan of the process it takes to get there (to the Happy Ending, that is.). We all have stories in our lives of how we met Mr. Right or how we got the job of our dreams. We have stories of the children in our lives and more. Those are all Happy Endings.

The key is, what did it take take to get there? Some may have had to go through a ton of heartbreak before Mr. Right was sent into your life. Some may have had to be in jobs they really hated to get the experience or networking needed to get into the job of your dreams. Then there are many that have had heartbreaking journeys with infertility and loss when trying to conceive.

Sometimes when we look at someone...we can only see their happy ending, and often forget to think of the high price that was paid for that happy ending. One more example, my Pastor is an amazing communicator and leader and pastors the 2nd fastest growing church in the nation. Do you think that 'happy ending' (it's never really an ending..but I'm using that phrase to drive home my with me) came without a price? We'd be foolish to think so. All good things require a process.

The process IS the point.

I say all of that for's easy for us to assume that someone has it all together. You can look at the material things they have, the way they look or the happiness they seem to possess...but you don't know the process. So when out driving, standing in line or just assuming that life is easy for everyone but you...remember...the process IS the point. Stick with it. Check out this passage in Galatians 6


anniebroom said...

This is so true! And apparently something that God is trying to get across to me (or maybe some other people too!) My husband Johnny wrote about this same concept just last night on his blog! Just thought I'd let you know... I think you're on to something!

Annie Broom

taryn said...

wow, that is so true. thanks for that reminder.

Demi Eliese said...

so soo true.

Daniel and Candice: TBM Photography said...

i'm so guilty of this too--i'm trying to remind myself!

@annie-i'd love to check it out..thanks for the link!

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