Monday, November 17, 2008

The Perfectionist In Me.

The past couple of days I've had this kind of know what I mean? The kind of yearning that inspires CHANGE! Let me go even further...and for my readers...let me be transparent .... I want to be the BEST at all I do. Know the feeling?

**I want to be the best wife** I have the best man, ever. Hands down. I want to be the best I can for him, for me...making our lives the most fulfilled they can be.

**I LONG to create photographs that will inspire, touch, and move those that gaze upon them.** I have been soaking up new concepts,new ideas, researching, and marveling at great photographers near and far . I'm longing for a great blog & website...I just want to be there NOW.

Yearning has been something I've been doing for a couple of weeks now...but I was even more encouraged at Elevation yesterday. Our Pastor spoke on an amazing topic of living inside the box rather than being frustrated by living outside it. When you live inside the make your box larger! It's fabulous stuff...and it's sparked more and more thought about all of this yearning going on in the must check his sermon out here....go's only 30 minutes or so...!


.............................. said...

Girl, I wish I could tell you how much I know! I was inspired/ challenged yesterday as well ( I've been clinging to the verse Matthew 6:33 since I started this journey. :)

Lindsay said...

I can't wait to see some pics Candace! ..... Your church is great, really awesome Pastor!

Andrea said...

so true :)

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