Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Carr Family

Amy & Ken are amazing parents! Their 3 sweet babies along with Amy & Ken came out on a COLD November morning to Frances Beaty Park to get some long awaited family shots of their sweet family. Will, Meredith & Mallory were so cute and such troopers! Here are a couple of our favorite shots....for you to view.

Mallory...close up...look at that BEAUTIFUL FACE!
I loved Mallory in her ballerina outfit!
Amy & Meredith...these girls are just so sweet!
Amy and Meredith...these girls adore their mommy!
Meredith in her tutu! Don't you just love the contrast and reflection on Meredith's face. This one is a fave from the day.
I could just melt in those eyes. They are such dark pools of love!

Will's ride....was stylin'!
The little man himself, WILL!
I love Amy and Will in this one. Why? Well, it's indicative of the protective love of a mother. I was in awe of it..and had to keep it!
Ladies and gentleman...I give you WILL!
Amy's family had come for the holidays....and of course, we snapped a shot of them too! Here's a picture of her niece!

Haven't had enough of this amazing family? Go see their slideshow here.

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Cheyenne Schultz said...

oh goodness - those kids are SUPER cute!

Great to see you both tonight! :)

Jasmine said...

Cutie patooties!! Love those kids! :)

Daniel and Candice: TBM Photography said...

Thanks y'all!!!

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