Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Own Worst Critic.

Ugh. Can I be honest for a second?

^^I can't get the Couture Book Lightroom PlugIn to work on my computer and I must get an album printed PRONTO.^^

^^I purchased the ProPhoto Template to update my blog...but can't get it's like I'm technologically brain dead.^^

^^I can't make everyone happy...^^

Boo hoo hoo. Oh woe is me. Here I am frustrated and feeling sorry for myself and I have no right. Why? I have a roof over my head, my bills are paid, my family is happy and healthy and I have food to eat. I have more than over 90% of the Earth's population.

Perspective. Sometimes I just need to get it. God's perspective.


Deb said...

There's lots of things to think about, but nothing to worry about. I get up; I walk; I fall down; meanwhile, I keep on dancing.

Flower choice: the first one I like as it shows more of the flowers but then I like the second one cuz it shows more of the pretty sparkles. Great pixs! What a gift you have. Hang in there!

Nancy & I had fun talking about you yesterday at lunch. :-) ALL GOOD! We were celebrating my birthday early!

Christina said...

I totally get you right now! Sorry things are annoying. ;-)Careful about asking for God's perspective.....He generally answers that type of prayer. I actually posted about that the other day. I could do with a little less perspective some days! ;-) I hope technology starts to work for you!
(my website - - I don't use the blogger one anymore, but that's the only way I can leave a comment on yours!)

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