Thursday, December 11, 2008

Storm, rainbow, storm

Rainbow 3
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It's been raining all day and for the past few days. Gray skies and gloom. I have to be honest...after a starts to get to you.

Then just moments ago, Daniel called from work saying, "Hey...go outside a minute. There's a rainbow outside." So Oli and I head outside and I don't see it.

Daniel: We can see the whole rainbow from here. Back up some and look towards the south.

Me: Umm..Don't see it.

Daniel: Keep looking.

Me: OH....I see it. Pretty. I didn't even realize it had stopped raining and that the sun had come out.

Daniel: Yup. Well, I had better get back to work, love you.

Me: Love you.

Oli and I gazed at it for a moment and as the wind blew, the dark clouds came over and it began to sprinkle again. However, as I was walking inside...there was still a smile left lingering on my face.

Almost instantly this parallel came to mind:
Sometimes we can be going through our darkest times. Day after day after day it's dark, gloomy and rainy!

While living in the gloomy...God gives you a glimpse of a rainbow and the skies clear. Sometimes you don't even notice that the rainbow is outside and that the skies have taken a breath. Often, God has to say:

"(enter your name here) take a look outside...the rain has stopped and a rainbow has been sent for you to gaze upon."

You say: Where, I don't see it.

God: Just take a couple steps back. You are way too need a fresh perspective.

You say: I still don't see it. I see it. Wow...that's really amazing.

Sometimes the clear skies and rainbows last for a while and sometimes for only a moment. But as you walk by you've seen the rainbows and clear skies. You know that the gray skies won't last forever. You go back inside...and a smile lingers.

Isn't God good? He uses the ordinary things to speak to us. I'm so thankful..he speaks to us on a regular basis....but are we listening. (Check out Pastor Steven's message from this past Sunday at Elevation Church's website. Click here.)


Elizabeth said...

How true! God speaks to us all the time through ordinary things...we just need to step back a little and see the extraordinary through the ordinary!

Deb said...

"The skies have taken a breath"...that simple little phrase really touched me. What a beautiful story you wrote. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

geisme said...

I agree with the last 2 comments. Candice, you always have a way of correlating the everyday to what God is doing in your life. You should think about writing a devotional. :)
Thank you for always being real & sharing what's on your heart.

.............................. said...

Hey Girl. I left you a message on your facebook. If you have a quick fix and can help, message me back puh-leaze! :)

Stephanie said...

Love it! Thanks for the beautiful post and great reminders!

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